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“Brian's business partner of nearly 10 years, Garrett Burdick, has managed the renters, renovations and maintenance of our single family home in Larkspur, CA since we moved to Lake Tahoe in 2010. Garrett is extremely helpful, with a hands-on attitude and detailed local knowledge that gives us great comfort as long distance owners of the property. Garrett and Brian's experience of buying, renovating and selling many homes in Marin County over the years makes them particularly valuable as realtors and property managers. With a well-developed network of local professionals, from attorneys to contractors, they know how to get things done well and on time.”  -Rick

Garrett is extremely helpful....

My sister and I want to thank you for all of your patience and determination you exerted in helping us get our father’s reverse mortgage paid off. Before contacting you I was resigned to the fact that my father’s estate would take a big loss but thanks to your help we came out ahead. Thanks again.  -Ellen and Gayla

My sister and I want to Thank You....