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Garrett specializes in advanced marketing technologies and selling homes by providing a combination of essential services that ultimately results in a quick sale and a smooth transaction with maximum net proceeds to you, the seller. Whether it’s pricing, staging, marketing or negotiating, Garrett knows what it takes to sell your home.

Your property is unique and it deserves a tailored marketing plan that highlights its features. Garrett’s job is to tell the story and make buyers fall in love with your property. Current tools & technology make it quite simple to list a property for sale. By entering information into the MLS system, clicking a button, the average Real Estate Agent can automatically have their listings appear for sale online and in front of buyers. This is NOT enough. Garrett will showcase your home and ensure that it is 100% ready to sell. With every open house, he’ll create interest and demand, not only within your neighborhood, but among buyers looking to locate to your area. This is successfully executed through effective marketing to ensure that each open house is well attended and provides a great experience for prospective buyers.

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Getting Your Home Ready To Sell

It has been proven that staging your home before it hits the market will increase the selling price of your property and help it sell more quickly. Picture yourself as a buyer: your first “look” at a home is on the internet. Buyers are most interested in homes that have a fresh and clean appearance; homes that emanate a feeling of tranquility and purpose. Real estate markets are very competitive and staging can give you an edge to a successful sale.

Here are some of Garrett’s projects that illustrate the effects of staging to showcase your home in the best light. Which house would YOU more likely want to see and buy?


Trustworthy and Patient

Garrett is great to work with. He walked us through the entire process of the short-sale of our house. He handled all communication with our lender and the entire process took less than half the time of what I expected. I felt really comfortable with him and knew that he understood that this was a scary process for me and his trustworthiness and patience in explaining every step to me really helped me put my mind at ease. He was also flexible and addressed my concerns whenever they arose. I would not even have known where to start, if I had to go through this without his help. In the end I was able to walk away with my house sold and my mortgages taken care of. Thank you, Garrett for all your help!

Marcus B.

Always a Pleasure

I have been working Garrett Burdick for some time now. My experience has been that he is very knowledgeable in real estate, specifically in the foreclosure and pre-foreclosure process. Working with him has been a pleasure and he has proven time and again to be the man who can deliver. My experience in real estate, and in particular, transaction funding, exposes me to all kinds of people and investors, all of them not being equal. Garrett has shown me time and time again that he is a man of integrity, and his passion in helping people out of a tough spot with their homes.

Joel H.

Delivers results!

Garrett is the real deal! Choosing to work with Garrett was the best decision I could have made and I am very grateful to him for the very positive outcome of my home’s short sale. He guided me through every step of the process and clearly explained what was happening at each juncture. Believe me, you want him on your side. He totally delivered results! He was honest, professional, thorough and informative. Aside from being great businessman and top-notch negotiator, he’s just an all-around, pleasant, nice guy. He offered me hope, peace of mind, and best of all some much-needed closure. I highly recommend working with Garrett. He was a godsend.

Ted S.

Extremely Professional

Garrett entered my life when I had lost all hope. After a severe accident that took my son and husband from me, and I also-ended up with a severe brain injury. I found my family gone and there was absolutely no possible way I could keep my home. The stress of mounting bills daily, the increasing daily stress was truly more than I could bear. Garrett met with me and I knew right away he was the person I wanted to work with. Thank you seems like such a small word for such a huge vote of gratitude… I truly would never have been able to get through the last few months without this wonderful man. He is smart, sensitive, and extremely professional. I would not hesitate to recommend Garrett, he will not let you down. God Bless You!

Linda G.

Let’s Work Together

Whether you’re seeking a new home or are a homeowner interested in selling your property, Garrett is here to help you turn your goal into a reality. Feel free to reach out to him at any time with your inquiries and he will be more than happy to answer your questions.

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