Linda I.

What I now realize is how important it is to have the right real estate agent. Having become a recent widow, selling my house and finding a new home seemed so overwhelming. Garrett made the process so much easier, with his many talents and knowledge of Real Estate, Construction and Marketing. He worked with the stagers, the landscapers, painters and lenders. Garrett just gave me orders to pack up my house. He even made trips to the dump, helped me pack, moved furniture and so much more. His sense of humor and sarcasm made the work fun. I have to say, the happiest moment of 2020 was signing Garrett Burdick as my real estate agent. I highly recommend Garrett and almost want to sell my new house and buy another just to work with him again.

Linda G.

Garrett entered my life when I had lost all hope. After a severe accident that took my son and husband from me, and I also-ended up with a severe brain injury. I found my family gone and there was absolutely no possible way I could keep my home. The stress of mounting bills daily, the increasing daily stress was truly more than I could bear. Garrett met with me and I knew right away he was the person I wanted to work with. Thank you seems like such a small word for such a huge vote of gratitude. I truly would never have been able to get through the last few months without this wonderful man. He is smart, sensitive, and extremely professional. I would not hesitate to recommend Garrett, he will not let you down. God Bless You.

Ted S.

Garrett is the real deal. Choosing to work with Garrett was the best decision I could have made and I am very grateful to him for the very positive outcome of my home’s short sale. He guided me through every step of the process and clearly explained what was happening at each juncture. Believe me, you want him on your side. He totally delivered results. He was honest, professional, thorough and informative. Aside from being great businessman and top-notch negotiator, he’s just an all-around, pleasant, nice guy. He offered me hope, peace of mind, and best of all some much-needed closure. I highly recommend working with Garrett. He was a godsend.

Rick C.

I have known Garrett Burdick for over 25 year. He has managed the renters, renovations and maintenance of our single family home in Larkspur, CA since we moved to Lake Tahoe in 2010. Garrett is extremely helpful, with a hands-on attitude and detailed local knowledge that gives us great comfort as long distance owners of the property. Garrett’s experience of buying, renovating and selling many homes in Marin County over the years makes him particularly valuable as a REALTOR. With a well-developed network of local professionals, from attorneys to contractors, he knows how to get things done well and on time.

Work With Garrett

Whether you're seeking a new home or are a homeowner interested in selling your property, Garrett is here to help you turn your goal into a reality. Feel free to reach out to him at any time with your inquiries and he will be more than happy to answer your questions.

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